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Slave Lord After years in exile the Darklord returns to Vorgor and begins Download. / Games / Slave Lord potent source of magical energy is . sex.

Slave Lords of the Galaxy Part 2 the slave galaxy download lords of

I'm stuck in chater one in a loop, I can't dowhload her mood raise at all and when I sleep she just grows hungrier and I can't feed her so she collapses. The game is blocked at the moment or it is necessary to replace the puzzle correctly in the pyramid.

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If this goes three chapters like slave lord, would like to see the assassin next, then the Queen. The Queen lorfs to be "shown" how slaver breaks in the girls.

lords download slave of the galaxy

Holding her down for spanking, downlaod slut talk during sex. If this runs three parts, like slave lord, Would love to like to see the assassin be next, then the queen. For the queen she wants to be "shown" how you train slaves.

Slave Lords Of The Galaxy from Pink Tea Games

But I would love to see the new slaves assist in the teaching. Holding the Queen during a paddle, or slut talk during sex, ect. Please add a chapter in the next update in which the first slave that was killed by Selena somehow returns. The idea that such a loyal slave sacrifices her life brutally in the game, is unbearable.

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Other than that, this game is great and would be even better with future updates! I love this game. Not emotionally, but while I was playing I did feel attached to her.

galaxy of the slave download lords

Also, the pyramid puzzle thing was easy, so i don't know why people struggled on it. You can right click then left click on the end when playing for favors from the shop and yeah its not that hard, just keep going.

download of galaxy slave the lords

Just talk to her to increase mood, if you're a harsher trainer, it still increases by clicking the green words. Found all the secrets: Spank her until her ass is red 2.

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Earn credits 3. Make her eat of the floor for 3 days Have fun playing. Hope this game gets finished, completed the current build so far very enjoyable. Is anyone else getting stuck on the screen after the ship lands in the town and you galqxy click on all these locations but it won't do anything? Mood is the face icon btw.

Porn Game: Pink Tea Games - Slave Lords Of The Galaxy part 3 Version 1.0.1

Great game, looking foward to see the next chapters once its complete. Good job to the developer skeep up the amazing work!

How did you lordd get past Maid?

download of slave galaxy lords the

In the chapter where you have to visit Kaleena, I got everything ready except for obedience. I made Sophia show her tits, had enough energy, and then she collapsed from despair!

Pink Tea Games - Slave Lords Of The Galaxy v0.1.6

Can help me I do not understand what I have to do what is this fab cod and how do I get there what do I dwnload to do? With the moving item puzzles right click then put your cursor over to the place you need to go and left click.

the slave lords download of galaxy

Also does anyone know how to raise the stress bar? Handjob cave monster sex scene.

Slave Lords of the Galaxy 2 - Horny Gamer

When you start the game, when loeds ship first lands - if the caption or subtitle does not come up - try a different browser to play this awesome game. It's likely some WebGL graphics thing. Puzzles 1 click on the gslaxy which lets u smash the urns in the 2nd room on right 2 then allows u to find the missing breasts 3 go back to the first room on right it shows color sex 3d photo puzzles games apk Red,Green,Yellow,Blue,Black 4 Gives you Key and stick it in the vagina in statue 5 Doors at back will be opened.

In the puzzle u need to start with the left upper corner first, then u must slave lords of the galaxy download puzzle to it so thay can combine.

the download lords of slave galaxy

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter Muff Diver Start date Jun 23, 2dcg anal sex animated bdsm footjob furry group sex humiliation male domination male protagonist monster girl oral sex rape sci-fi slave tentacles vaginal sex. First Prev 2 of 26 Go to page.

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May 23, Second quest is where you get your slave to apologize to the building marked????. Then she has to work 3 or 4 shifts to make credits, if memory serves me correct.

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falaxy Muff Diver Gaming Legend Donor. Aug 18, 4, 14, Updated OP now v0. Arby Member Jul 23, Jul 23, 43 So, 1st posting here Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed this one, and look forward to more training.

galaxy of download slave lords the

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And she's chosen this world because she's slave lords of the galaxy download whole lot of lsaves and also she wants to instruct them someplace And you'll be the dude who'll help her with coaching role.

To start the game only go to the palace at which you'll have a conversation with queen and she'll provide you the very first-ever activity - some female who's still not utilised for her character of victim so you'll need to not just to trian her also subject her.

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Take her into a space ship at which you are able to do fairly a great deal of things along with her which comprises actually changing her their panties color! Obviously the majority of your skills will be secured in the start so you'll need to discover the slave lords of the galaxy download way to advance thru the sport to find an entry to them. Please Login or Register - it's easy and free. Please, register and log in to access premium features: Upload your games here and earn money with your games.

lords download slave of the galaxy

Access full games collection without redirects.

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Slave Lords of the Galaxy Part 2
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